Thanks for your interest in the courses that you will find on this site.  I have no particular platform from which to present myself as an expert on anything really.  Today’s success metrics are a matters of wealth, fame, notoriety and marketable knowledge.  As the site grows, my suspicions, knowing myself as I do, are that much of the content will be free.

I have learned to be a bad businessman by following the teachings and the pattern of the life of Christ.  For many years this made me a good pastor.  For just as many it made me a conflicted pastor and then ultimately a vocational exile.

The church as I experienced it changed imperceptibly until I found that it could no longer tolerate bad businessmen … and I left heartbroken to a degree.  In another way, it felt like a deliverance from some indescribable weight that I carried on my soul for the 34 years that I worked in the church.

I paint with a narrow brush, realizing that the things I see may not be accurate.  They may be my own struggle alone.  But none of us operate well on the paradigm of others.  We live life as we see and experience it.  It took me those many years to realize that my own journey did not need to be defended or validated.

I simply needed to honour it by fairly representing it.

This is what I intend to do until I am done.

The courses offered on this site will be geared directly or indirectly to helping people step forward in areas of their lives where fear has restricted them.  The explicit content will be spiritual, of primary interest to those who wish to grow in their relationship to God.  I expect as well that there will be various contributors aside from myself.  If you have any questions, please use the Contact form on the designated menu page.